Engineering Campus Hiring Program 2022-23

goldman sachs
Goldman Sachs

Internship Description

If you are a new user, either click on Create a New Account or follow the below steps:

At the top right-hand side of the page select ‘Register’

Create a new profile by completing the registration details

Please ensure all the details including email id, graduation year, college, name, etc. entered are completely accurate without any errors/typos

Once you submit your registration you will be navigated to the home page – select ‘Apply Now on the top-left

Select ‘Summer Analyst’ (Internship Programs) and select Apply

Once you’ve reached the start of the official application, please ensure you ONLY select the below position preference options to ensure your registration is captured:

Recruiting Year – “2023”

What position are you applying to – “Summer Internship”

What program are you applying to – “Summer Analyst” 

Please select a location – “Bengaluru”

Please select a division – “Engineering Campus Hiring Program”

Please select a subdivision – “General”

Do not add click on the “Add Another” option given

Please select the rest of the options that apply to you and do not forget to save and continue

Complete the rest of the application and ‘Submit’


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