Zoho – Software Developer

Job Description: 

● Develop, test and implement new software programs.

● Write clean and efficient code.

● Prototype and develop scalable and reliable mobile applications

● Troubleshoot, debug and maintain the existing software programs.

● Monitor the quality, performance, and usage of the developed functionalities in the applications.

● Work closely with other developers, designers and support representatives to manage and enhance the applications.

Role                                    :  Software Developer
Test Date                          :  20-February-2022
Test Time                          :  10 AM
Year of Graduation         :  2022

Interview Process:

Shortlisted candidates will get an email confirmation for the Level-1 General Aptitude test conducted online on February 20, 2022, 10 AM.

● Shortlisted candidates will be informed via email.

● More details regarding the next rounds, will be mentioned in the call letter via email.

Please do not apply if:

You’re a student and graduating in 2023.

Apply now CLICK HERE

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